Current projects

There is a book done and about to be published (Sep 2018), so I am pondering another. I’m trying to think about the Anthropocene, big history, technology, and the importance of planetary scale perceptions. Mainly, this is making my head hurt, so progress is currently slow.

I’m just finishing work on an essay collection I’ve edited for the Royal Society on scientific collaboration. It should be out in October, when I’ll make more noise about it.

I’m a director of Real World Visuals, an environmental communications company built around the consistently creative work of my friend Adam Nieman. You can read some of the reasons why here. The things the company does are constantly developing, and we have a new brochure (pdf) that outlines what is special about our general approach. I think this is a big deal – perhaps you will, too, so do take a look.

More recently, I’ve agreed to be a volunteer editor/mentor for young writers contributing to the Bristol website EcoJam – a local news/jobs/events site that aims to help knit together environmental work in the city. Do get in touch if you’d like to join the writers group.

I’ve enjoyed being a visiting lecturer at Bath Spa University the last couple of years year (2017-18), offering a few sessions on science publishing on a new module created for their excellent publishing programme. Nice to be back doing a little teaching again.

I was editorial manager for the European Commission funded project Nanopinion, a while ago. The aim was to inform public debate about nanotechnology throughout Europe. (It was a pretty ambitious project).

Other things I am involved with when I remove my science writer’s hat include Abolish Empty Office Buildings, an innovative social housing project in Bristol (read about them here: and invest if you can!) and Books for Amnesty, the always well-stocked second-hand bookshop who are also my neighbours in Bristol. And I’m increasingly involved in Zero West, a regional initiative to speed the energy transition. That looks like leading to some regionally-inspired futures work, so some nice connections with past work, I hope, as well as an outlet for my increasing concern about climate change. See the website here, and follow us on twitter (@ZeroWestCIC) or facebook.