Mainly Jazz in Bristol

I’m a jazz enthusiast obsessive, and write about it occasionally for JazzWise, LondonJazzNews, and here, on my jazz blog devoted to musical happenings in and around Bristol. I used to document absolutely everything, for my own interest, but have shifted down a gear to now post news of upcoming gigs that catch my eye and reviews of ones that seem out of the ordinary. There are also links to Bristol venues and events listings if you want to know what’s going on.

By the way, it’s very kind of you to send me your CD, but I almost certainly won’t review it, and if I did the readership of a provincial jazz blog almost certainly wouldn’t do you much good. Do tell me about any under-publicised gigs, though, and I’ll make noise either here or (more likely) on twitter.

Posts start below.

  • 43. Buena Vista bassTumbao No 5 (para Charlie Mingus). From Orlando “Cachaíto” López, Cachaito, 2001 Hard to believe the original Buena Vista Social … More
  • 42. A different voiceFirst Song: For Ruth, from Charlie Haden Quartet West, In Angel City. 1988 Charlie Haden has already appeared here, but … More
  • 41. Home team, new gameLa Folia: The Roccella Variations. From George Russell Living Time Orchestra, The London Concert, 1989 One of the late John … More
  • 40. The great renewalIn Case You Missed It – from Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, Album of the Year, 1981. Like a … More
  • Granite to Wind in RehearsalOnly a few days ago until the Keith Tippett Festival. Here’s a nice clip and some comments from the rehearsals … More
  • 39. All too briefSeems Like a Lifetime Ago. From Bill Bruford, Feels Good to Me, 1978 A game of two halves, labelled as … More
  • 38. Creative crosscurrentsAll Good Things, from Big Air, 2008 OK, this one was much praised on release, but it’s a while ago … More
  • 37. Wryly timelessThe Ass’ Song. Annie Ross, Loguerhythms, 1962 Advice to jazz singers: Find a decent poet who is interested in songwriting. … More