Mainly Jazz in Bristol

I’m a jazz enthusiast obsessive, and write about it occasionally for JazzWise, LondonJazzNews, and here, on my jazz blog devoted to musical happenings in and around Bristol. I used to document absolutely everything, for my own interest, but have shifted down a gear to now post news of upcoming gigs that catch my eye and reviews of ones that seem out of the ordinary. There are also links to Bristol venues and events listings if you want to know what’s going on.

By the way, it’s very kind of you to send me your CD, but I almost certainly won’t review it, and if I did the readership of a provincial jazz blog almost certainly wouldn’t do you much good. Do tell me about any under-publicised gigs, though, and I’ll make noise either here or (more likely) on twitter.

Posts start below.

  • Bristol jazz week, Sep 18 - Not sure what’s happening at Bristol247 – there’s a list of jazz gigs this week, with none of the usual informative commentary, and it’s posted in two parts (part one here). Still looks comprehensive, though. Aside from interesting dates at the Gallimaufry and the Canteen, it’s also worth commenting that two notable tours pass through […]
  • Bristol (and Frome) jazz week. - Tony Benjamin has the main gigs in Bristol listed for you here. But with all due respect to all the players highlighted there, I reckon the gig of the week is down the road a way in Frome. Ian Ballamy debuted an all-star quartet with Jason Rebello on piano, Percy Pursglove on bass and flugelhorn […]
  • Bristol jazz week – 4 September - Looks like a bumper jazz week in Bristol if you’re in town (I’m not). But for those who are: enjoy! And take a moment to appreciate the work Tony Benjamin puts in to rounding up gigs across such a range of venues – here. I know how much time it can take to do this […]
  • Bristol jazz week – August 27 - It’s a week when I might actually make a gig or two, and also the last one when both the BeBop club and Future Inns are on Summer break. Still, plenty of interest, as Tony Benjamin details for us all. As usual when two out of the three main weeklies are quiet, The Fringe has […]
  • Bristol jazz week – August 20: appreciate it! - Whatever you think of what’s on offer in Bristol this week (detailed lovingly by Tony Benjamin here), be glad of it. Even in the quiet times of August, there is still a Bristol jazz week worth mentioning. Where I am just now – in Belfast, a city not much smaller – there isn’t, as far […]
  • Bristol jazz week – what’s the secret? - A quiet week again – as detailed here on Bristol247. Mildly intrigued by the “secret special guests” gig Tony Benjamin mentions here at the Canteen tomorrow night (Tuesday). I wonder who it is? I wonder if it will be jazz? I wonder if I’ll be bothered to stroll down the road and find out? Well, […]
  • Bristol jazz week – August 6 - Out of town as I write this (though back tomorrow) but apparently there is still some good music this week in Bristol. Tony Benjamin has details, as usual. And August gem The Fringe again has the top item: the second home town appearance for the new, six piece Dakhla, now with bass in the line-up. […]
  • Gig of the week – Andrew Bain - Wouldn’t you know, the week I’ve no time to preview, the Bristol247 listing is late. I’ll have another look for it tomorrow… (Which I’ve now done – so go here for the listing) But I do urge you to try and get to the Fringe tomorrow (Wednesday) to catch Andrew Bain’s quintet, which conveniently I […]