Mainly Jazz in Bristol

I’m a jazz enthusiast obsessive, and write about it occasionally for JazzWise, LondonJazzNews, and here, on my jazz blog devoted to musical happenings in and around Bristol. I used to document absolutely everything, for my own interest, but have shifted down a gear to now post news of upcoming gigs that catch my eye and reviews of ones that seem out of the ordinary. There are also links to Bristol venues and events listings if you want to know what’s going on.

By the way, it’s very kind of you to send me your CD, but I almost certainly won’t review it, and if I did the readership of a provincial jazz blog almost certainly wouldn’t do you much good. Do tell me about any under-publicised gigs, though, and I’ll make noise either here or (more likely) on twitter.

Posts start below.

  • Bristol jazz diary, July 17 - Weekly pointer to Mr Benjamin’s comprehensive jazz previews on Bristol 247, which I link to so blog followers don’t have to go looking for it. This week’s is here.  
  • Bristol jazz this week - This blog looks like it is getting into a summer lull -partly because I’m mostly out of town this week. If you’re interested in such things, you’ve probably tracked down Tony Benjamin’s weekly gig guide by now (Weds evening). Just in case you haven’t here’s the link – and it does have more stuff near […]
  • Bristol jazz week – 3 July - Here as usual, link to Tony Benjamin’s jazz diary on Bristol247. Have to say the Bristol offering just seems to get more varied each week. No Summer lull here – with the Fringe and Canteen still going strong, and gigs in Colston Foyer (a neglected after-work opportunity, sometimes, so hope they get a crowd for […]
  • Bristol jazz this week – June 26 - Didn’t manage any gigs last week – Boo. Ah well, here’s the regular rundown from Tony Benjamin on Bristol247 for the next seven days. The trio with Sarah Gail Brand and Mark Sanders, featuring the extraordinary Paul Rogers on bass, at the Fringe tomorrow (Weds) looks very promising. That is all.
  • Hot jazz - Too hot to go any gigs just now, I reckon. However, (in the absence of a listing elsewhere so far this week ignore that – here it is), it’s probably worth being a bit sweaty to hear the superb Iain Ballamy play at the Fringe tonight. A cooler venue (in at least one sense) is […]
  • Bristol jazz week – free music abounds - Here’s Tony Benjamin’s meticulously compiled list this week’s interesting musical offerings around town on Bristol247. Plenty to choose from, and can’t help noticing that there are three pay-to-enter gigs and, buy my count, more than twice as many that are free for punters. All a testament to the musical vitality of the city. But if […]
  • Bristol jazz week (with bonus Tuesday gig) - Another bumper week of gigs – they just keep coming. Tony Benjamin has all the details here on Bristol247. The all day feast of improvisation on Saturday at St Stephens is the standout, as he says (see previous post here). Also worth noting the unusual appearance of an early evening foyer gig tonight (Tuesday) at […]
  • Bristol Jazz diary - Late link to Tony Benjamin’s weekly previews, including welcome news that the rather brilliant Dan Messore is visiting the Canteen tonight (Wednesday). He’s also done a separate piece for Bristol247 interviewing Jay Phelps, to whet the appetite for the Sunday night gig previewed in the last post here. He’s also heard the new album (I […]