Science, Not Art

Now this was a great project, set up by the Gulbenkian Foundation. Ten scientists’ diaries, commissioned with a view to showing something of the process of scientific work. Worked rather well, it seemed, and featured as a Radio 4 Book of the Week back in 2003. It includes a few people who are a bit famous now (Hi, Kevin).

One day, I’ll put together that anthology of writing about scientific work I’ve often made in my head. Until then, this’ll do. It has great photos by Hugo Glendinning, too.


“These humorous and revealing diaries show scientists with hobbies, passions and quirks just like the rest of us.” Steven Poole, The Guardian

“This fascinating little volume sets out to provide a sense of science’s daily processes … The result is exhilarating.” Lisa Appignanesi, The Independent

‘Anyone considering a career in something scientific should probably read it.’ Focus