I, Superorganism is out!

My new book is published this week (Feb 5). It took rather longer to write than I intended (no surprise there), but the extra time meant I caught a real explosion of results and papers. The idea, apart from feeding my own fascination with the subject, was to write a popular science book on a well-defined topic after the megalomaniac scope of the Rough Guide to the Future. It turned out not to be so simple, as the field is a moving target that moves rather rapidly!

Happily, it is still the first overview of the new picture of the human microbiome from someone not actually working in the field. It’s a rather handsome trade paperback, suitable for airport bookstores, with a regular paperback to follow later in the year, I think. The cover is in the collection on the left, and the publisher’s web page isĀ here. Amazon link, if you prefer, is here. (If you want an e-book, Icon’s price is lower.

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