Lindau is rather lovely

65th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

Great to spend a week in Lindau as part of the meeting held there where Nobel Laureates (60 of them!) spend time with ten times that number of scarily bright young scientists from round the world. I moderated three panels, on human genetic engineering and the moratorium on using CRISPR in human embryos, on the future of science in Africa and on the future of life sciences. (We were planning to have a go at the future of physics, too, but for various reasons that one didn’t come off).

They were crammed into the amazingly crowded Lindau schedule, and more or less worked, I think though the third simply turned into a free-for-all Q&A – which I didn’t resist too hard.

I’m never sure if this kind of thing is my forte, but if anyone else want to invite me to organise panels at a meeting where you can swim in Lake Constance before breakfast, then go to work, do get in touch…

More to the point, not enough people know that all the Nobel winners talks at Lindau are recorded and posted online. The archive is a pretty impressive resource for anyone interested in high achievers in science and how they see their work. Start here.

The pic shows the discussion on future questions for life science in progress – pretty good fun. Venki Ramakrishnan speaks while Jack Szostak, Arieh Warshel and John Schell listen and I just try and look intelligent. Thanks for the invitation!




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