What’s everybody up to in 2016? (And can I help?)

Guess what: My work diary has lots of spaces for 2016. I’m OK with that. I have a book I expect to write. But I do like to have other work on the go, mainly to connect with the world beyond my writing desk, to collaborate, and to have things to think about when I want a break from the one big thing.

If you have any projects that could benefit from a writer or editor, do get in touch. In thirty-odd years of freelancing (on the side to begin with, then full-time) I’ve done most things writing wise, aside from fiction. I like synthesis, I strive for clarity, and I am good at making sense of meetings and conferences. I also enjoy editing at every level, and I’ve had actual jobs as a sub-editor, features editor and publisher’s commissioning editor.

Some money would be nice but if your outfit isn’t paying and I sympathise with your aims (likely some variant of decarbonising the global economy, involving citizens in technological or health choices or science policy, or just resisting the resurgence of private affluence and public squalor that is the core project of our government in the UK) then do get in touch anyway. My day rate for others tends to be negotiable according to the interest of the job but I think you’ll find it’s reasonable.

I’ve mainly worked in and around science, especially life sciences and Earth systems science, tech, policy, futures, and global change – but I get interested in almost anything when I take a close enough look. If you see any connection with your interests and the range of things I’ve done before shown on this website, try me.


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