Talking, microbiomes, Frankenstein… Frankenome?

Quick note of two events in Manchester next week. One is a session for the science programme of the European Science Open Forum ESOF – which means it’s at breakfast time on Wednesday. Seem weird to me but that’s what science folks do, apparently… ¬† There will be two proper scientists talking about microbiomes human and oceanic, so it’ll be intriguing to see what their presentations have in common.¬†Details here. I’ll be chairing/moderating and trying to get the audience involved.

Also in Manchester is a free superorganism talk by me for the Science in the City programme which is running alongside ESOF, on Monday evening. Booking for that one here.

I’m amused, in addition, to have just got an invitation to speak at my third Frankenstein-related event this year – arising ‘cos Mary Shelley wrote the novel 200 years ago. Proof that the old books are the good ones (hers, definitely, mine, possibly).

Anyway, it’s been fun to revisit the subject, which preoccupied me for quite a few years until my book came out in 1998, see previous post. Perhaps by the 200th anniversary of actual publication of the novel, in 2018, I’ll have figured out how to combine Frankenstein and the microbiome in some clever way.

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