A science writer’s reading list.

I’ve been doing a spot of teaching at Bath Spa University, as part of their publishing programme. Although publishing was the focus, I also talked about science writing, natch, and was prompted to review and refresh a list I’ve been annotating for many years now of “how to” books about science writing, and non-fiction writing more generally. There are quite a few of them, so it occurs to me it might be of use to a few other people. No-one would ever read them all, or like them all, but I hope it’s a resource that a writer who is trying consciously to develop could dip into and find one or two useful items to follow up.

I’ve posted it in full on the Science Observed blog, on the grounds that science writing is one way of achieving that, and I’ll put it up in PDF on my Academia.edu page as well.

Do let me know if you find it useful, or have things to add?

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