Talks this year

Picking up a few diary dates for this year – with an emphasis on variety.  I enjoyed talking to the Sunday Assembly crew in Bristol in January, and I’ll be doing something for the local Pint of Science effort in May. Not sure which day yet. Also in May there’s an academic workshop in Nottingham where I get to talk about metaphors in synthetic biology discourse from the perspective of a science writer. I think the main thing I have to say is that it’s really hard to keep all the possible critiques of metaphor in mind – however much one might enjoy discussing them in academic mode – when your immediate task is to get on and write the thing, whatever it is. That isn’t a reason not to try, though, or at least to pull back occasionally and think about which ones to choose.

Then I have to be reflective about science writing, and communicating about microbiome science, again at the Federation of European Microbiological Societies meeting in Valencia in July, and there’s an interesting event brewing on a completely different topic for the British Science Association meeting in Brighton in September.

That leaves plenty of space in the diary, though, so do get in touch if you’d like me to talk about any of the topics you see mentioned on this site.


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