some engagements

Just reviewing a few dates and realised I’ve accumulated a few more commitments to do (more or less) public things over the next few months. Here are some details. I’m repeating a few from the last post here but one so you don’t have to scroll down.

As previously advertised, I’m doing a Pint of Science talk in Bristol on May 16th, but it’s now full so no point in saying more about that.

Then comes a symposium on Metaphors, Responsible Research and Innovation and Synthetic Biology at Nottingham on May 22nd, where I’ll be talking about science writing. Details here.

Then there’s a by invitation (I think) thing which I note here in case it sounds interesting:  A session on prioritising social science questions about the human microbiome in Oxford on June 26.

That’s swiftly followed by a twofer at the Bradford Literary Festival on July 1st. I’ll be “in conversation” with Oliver Morton, talking about science writing and planetary thinking in our times, or something like that. And there’s a panel on “The Reality of Dystopian Fiction”, again featuring Oli along with fiction authors Sarah Govett (The Territory) and E.J. Swift (author of the Osiris Project trilogy) which I need to chair. Should be a fun day.

I’ll be in Valencia briefly for a talk at the European Microbiology Society conference on communicating the microbiome on July 11th. Then an evening in London on July 19th at the British Library for the 30th anniversary (hard to believe) of the Science Book Prize. By invite again, but hoping to see a good few people I know that night.

Finally, another “in conversation” at the British Science Association in Brighton on September 6th, this time with Maggie Boden, author of many fine books on psychology and artificial intelligence.

It strikes me I have a lot of reading to do this Summer. Some will have to wait, though as I’m working intensively on a beginner’s guide to neuroscience that needs finishing by August. No engagements that month yet. Good!


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