Who Owns Science?

A little while ago now (November), I went to Berlin for the second time to sit in on the Robert Bosch Stiftung’s Berlin Science Debate and write the report. This time it was on the present and future of open access scientific publishing – hence the slightly over-dramatised title. A nice opportunity to get an update on an issue I’ve not attended to for a few years. The final version was delayed a bit this time elsewhere in the process but got tweaked and approved in the end.

You can read the report here. (The PDF is named “draft”, I notice, but this is the actual report!)

Berlin debate 2019 Draft3-18_05_20-JT

Not directly related, it was a great time to be in the city as it was the 30th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a date marked by the intriguing Falling Walls Conference each year  (which the Foundation also supports.) There’ll be another Debate this year, I suppose, although probably organised to allow remote attendance, as will Falling Walls…

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