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I’m a jazz enthusiast obsessive, and write about it occasionally for JazzWise, LondonJazzNews, and here, on my jazz blog devoted to musical happenings in and around Bristol. I used to document absolutely everything, for my own interest, but have shifted down a gear to now post news of upcoming gigs that catch my eye and reviews of ones that seem out of the ordinary. There are also links to Bristol venues and events listings if you want to know what’s going on.

By the way, it’s very kind of you to send me your CD, but I almost certainly won’t review it, and if I did the readership of a provincial jazz blog almost certainly wouldn’t do you much good. Do tell me about any under-publicised gigs, though, and I’ll make noise either here or (more likely) on twitter.

Posts start below.

  • Bristol jazz week, Jan 14Bristol music not quite back up to full strength yet, with Future Inns extending their break until next week, but still plenty going on – as Tony Benjamin details here. I’m anticipating another brilliant evening from drummer Andrew Bain and cohorts at the Fringe on Wednesday. To read why, see this review of his gig […]
  • A few more 2018 CDsNot saying these were the best CDs of 2018, or even the best ones I heard, but all the stuff I happened to review for LondonJazzNews turned out to be pretty good and I haven’t done a roundup for half a year. So here, for ease of recollection for me, if nothing else, a half […]
  • Bristol jazz week – Jan 7 (and last weekend in Bath)The new jazz year got off to a rip-roaring start with the new Bath Jazz weekend. Nod Knowles put together a terrific programme, with support from the cream of local players, and they were rewarded with good crowds (a solid sellout for both Saturday sessions) and a late festive atmosphere that suited the first weekend […]
  • New year, new festivalA reminder that there’s a weekend (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon) of excellent stuff in prospect in Bath to begin your 2019/round off the festive season (as you prefer). Many of the best players found in the South West are appearing, and it’ll be a great overview of how well off we are for excellent […]
  • (Belatedly) Miles Behind – Bebop Club, Dec 21A bit late for a note on this, Xmas week having intruded, but the 30th anniversary (approx) of Bristol’s Bebop club deserves some words, even so. It also marked 20 years since Robin settled in to taking the money on the door – the kind of long service that keeps jazz clubs going – and […]
  • Bristol jazz – Dec 17 ’til New YearHere’s a full festive rundown from Tony Benjamin, running though ’til the tasty looking Bath jazz weekend just after New Year. That’ll be a good way to begin 2019, but plenty of things on offer to round off your 2018 listening before then. I seem to be on a run if gigs that celebrate heroes […]
  • Bristol jazz week – Dec 10So I suppose the weekly menu of jazz gigs will be getting thinner as we prepare to wind down for Christmas…  (checks Bristol247). Ah well, completely wrong, there’s absolutely loads on,  much of it festive. See all the details here. Bristol247 also has the now customary videos to help you choose your gig. But I […]
  • Bristol jazz this week – 3 DecemberA host of delights in Bristol this week. The quantity and variety never ceases to impress me, all the more now there are weeks when I view from a distance in a less musically stimulating city – all the details (and lots of videos to sample some of the bands appearing) here.