Unreliable Futures

This blog began when I was writing The Rough Guide to the Future. It still sees occasional additions when futures relevant things cross my path.

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  • (Dis)embodied futures?Haven’t posted here for a while, but this is kind of futures related, so I’ll put it here. Below is the text of a talk a gave in Birmingham as part of this interesting event in the terrific new Library of Birmingham. It involved various cunning artistic responses and representations to famous dead thinkers – […]
  • Events: Manchester, Cardiff, NottinghamA few talks coming up which touch on the future in various ways. Do say hello if you happen to hear any of them… Tomorrow I’m the duller half (I think) of a duo of talks at Manchester Festival, preceding design futurist Melissa Sterry‘s take on future cities. We’re part of a mini-series helping launch […]
  • Imagining Technology – Science fiction and innovation.My NESTA working paper on SF and tech is now published. I had a lot of fun doing it. Thanks to all those who helped (see the acknowledgements), but especially to Cheryl Morgan, who knows far more about SF and the people who write it than I do. You can download it from here. There’s an […]
  • Science fiction and innovation – nearly thereSeems a while since I trailed the project I did for NESTA on science fiction and innovation, but it is now about to be published. I’ve commented on retro-futures here quite a bit. For this piece, I  assembled a little composite, to enliven the beginning of a long review paper. Here it is, as a […]
  • Publishing futures…My version of the future is receding into the past, as they all do – but the vagaries of contemporary publishing have made that happen a bit faster than I anticipated. Yes, folks, Rough Guide to the Future is going out of print. (Shocking, I know.) There may still be a copy in your local […]
  • Starting a futures discussion – some docsI’m giving a talk to some masters students in London tomorrow and was asked to suggest something for them to read in advance. I wasn’t quite sure where they were starting from, or where we might want to take the discussion in a single 90 minute session, so in the end I provided a selection. […]
  • SF and innovation – what happened?Returning here after a pause, in case anyone wonders what happened to the promised piece for NESTA on SF and innovation. As is the way of these things, some of the futures think pieces they commissioned (not mine – old journos do deadlines) took longer to produce than originally planned. So we are having a […]
  • Nanotech, terraforming, geoengineering – facts and fictions entangled.I have, I reckon, a pretty good grip on the distinction between science fiction and reality. I read a lot of non-fiction along with my fiction. Without diverting into epistemology, I see a difference. Also, reading and writing about science for a few decades encourages you to develop a good working bullshit detector. I am […]